Moxidectin Dewormer 250ml in NOBLE PARK, Victoria for sale

Moxidectin Dewormer 250ml
Moxidectin Dewormer 250ml
Moxidectin Dewormer 250ml

Moxidectin Plus is a white and fully water-soluble palatable syrup. Added to the drinking water for 24⁄48 hours, it clears roundworm (Ascaridia spp.), hairworm (Capillaria spp.) and tapeworm (cestode) infection. They are also effective against all external parasites that feed off body fluids, including mites and pigeon flies (Pseudolynchia spp.). Moxidectin Plus also eliminates airsac mites (Sternostoma spp., Cytodites spp.). They have a wide safety margin and are safe to use during racing and breeding. They do not affect feather quality and is safe to use during moulting. Moxidectin Plus do not cause nausea and so the birds can be fed and loft-flown normally during treatment
Not to be used in birds producing meat or eggs for human consumption
Withholding period – 5 days
Flock treatment – Dilute at the rate of 5 ml to 1 litre of drinking water and make available to the birds for 24 hours. The solution should be made fresh prior to use and provided in a clean drinking vessel. Remove all other sources of water
Active Ingredient: MOXIDECTIN @ 1 mg⁄ml & PRAZIQUANTEL @ 18.8 mg⁄ml
Individual bird treatment – 0.25 ml per 400 g (pigeon) body weight